Accessify - Web accessibility tools and resources
H42: Using h1-h6 to identify headings | Techniques for WCAG 2.0
Making Video Accessible | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player

Ajax / jQuery

Improve your jQuery Selectors: 5 Quick Tips
Tutorial de AJAX (Cristalab)
AJAX y Javascript no intrusivo y accesible (Cristalab)
Introducción a AJAX con PHP y formularios (Cristalab)
Tutorial Ajax manejo de paso de datos por métodos GET y POST | AJAXHispano
Plugins | jQuery Plugins
JQuery Corner Demo
jQuery UI - Demos & Documentation
jQuery UI - ThemeRoller
Visual jQuery 1.2.6
Easy Tooltip - jQuery plugin | Css Globe
51+ Best of jQuery Tutorials and Examples | Noupe
ChillTip JQuery PlugIn - Graphical User Interface Element.
Stripe your tables the OO way · The Watchmaker Project
Liviu Holhoş - Blog - Add a favicon near external links with jQuery


CMS's fáciles de usar & artículos relacionados

Content Management Systems – A Need to Know Overview


CSS Examples
Baseline - a designer framework by
13 Pure CSS Techniques for Creating JavaScript-like Interactions | Tutorials
CSS At-rules
PX to EM conversion made simple.
Baseline Rhythm Calculator
CSS-Based Forms: Modern Solutions | CSS | Smashing Magazine
CSS Tools: Reset CSS
Comentarios condicionales, filtros y hacks | CSS avanzado |
centricle : css filters (css hacks)
CSSLab - Centrado Vertical con CSS (actualizado)
iCAD + Referencia CSS
7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code | CSS | Smashing Magazine
On having layout — the concept of hasLayout in IE/Win

css en clientes de correo

Weblog de Brainet » Archivo del weblog » La maquetación de un Newsletter
How to test HTML emails - Blog - Campaign Monitor
Optimizing CSS presentation in HTML emails - Blog - Campaign Monitor
404 - Page Not Found - Campaign Monitor
Email Design Guidelines for 2006 - Blog - Campaign Monitor
Email design guidelines - Articles & Tips - Campaign Monitor
Blog - Campaign Monitor
Guide to CSS support in email clients (2008) - Articles & Tips - Campaign Monitor
30+ Free HTML email templates - Tried & Tested - Tips & Resources - Campaign Monitor

70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding | CSS | Smashing Magazine
CSS isn’t always easy to deal with. Depending on your skills and your experience, CSS coding can sometimes become a nightmare, particularly if you aren’t sure which selectors are actually being applied to document elements.
jQuery Corners
Taming Advanced CSS Selectors | CSS | Smashing Magazine
Oredenando tablas con Javascript no intrusivo
Alexander Sperl (dorkydesign) — Hierarchical Sitemap with Dashed Lines
The Mystery of CSS Float Property « Smashing Magazine
Specifics on CSS Specificity | CSS-Tricks
This article was originally published on August 11, 2008. I am updating it now to fix some inaccuracies in how this concept was presented. I've never
Quick Tip: Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons? | Nettuts+
Demo: CSS3 Buttons
How to Use the Sticky Footer HTML & CSS Code
Understanding the display property demo |

css 3

CSS3 Selectors Test, CSS3 .info
CSS Selectors and Pseudo Selectors and browser support
Start Using CSS3 Today - opciones adicionales con js
A Look at Some of the New Selectors Introduced in CSS3 - Inspect Element
css gradients in Firefox 3.6 ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
CSS3 Generator
CSS3 Please! The Cross-Browser CSS3 Rule Generator
beautiful fonts with @font-face ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Visual Walkthrough of @font-face CSS Code • Perishable Press
Web Color - CSS3 Color Names | CodeNique
RGBa CSS Generator for Internet Explorer | Journal | Kimili

emuladores de móviles

Mobile Emulators | mobiForge
Blackbaud Labs - iPhone
Opera Mini | The most popular mobile phone browser in the world
Emulator | dotMobi
Effective Design for Multiple Screen Sizes | mobiForge

Expresiones regulares

Expresiones regulares. PHP. Bartolomé Sintes Marco
Rubular: a Ruby regular expression editor and tester
Rubular is a Ruby-based regular expression editor and tester. It's a handy way to test regular expressions as you write them. Rubular is an especially good fit for Ruby and Rails developers, since it uses Ruby on the server to evaluate regexes, but should also be useful for those working in other programming languages and frameworks (Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, etc.)

extensiones & herramientas

Adobe - Adobe Exchange
ColorfulTabs :: Firefox Add-ons
Bookmark Duplicate Detector :: Firefox Add-ons
Execute JS :: Firefox Add-ons
Firebug :: Firefox Add-ons
JSView :: Firefox Add-ons
IE Developer Toolbar not working - MSDN Forums
Em Calculator
Free Dreamweaver Extensions
Nav-o-Matic - Sprites para menus


The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?
Structural Tags in HTML5 - HTML & CSS - Resources - Our Writing - Ordered List
Basic HTML 5 layout | HTML 5 Tutorial
Internet Explorer 9: Platform Demos
Rethinking Forms in HTML5 | Nettuts+
Ultimate List of HTML5 and CSS3 Tools | Admix Web
When can I use...

para iPhone · One line of code
The weblog of Craig Hockenberry


960 Layout System | Grids made easy
Grid System Generator
50+ Online Generators for Designers and Web Developers - W3Mag
Digital-Pic Stock Photography -- Free Online Favicon.ico Icon Generator
Web Caching Tests
WGL4 character set U+0020 to U+00BB
Web Safe Fonts Preview - Font Tester
HTML Entity Character Lookup › Left Logic
I Like Your Colors - Red Alt
BLUE VERTIGO | Web Design Resources Links | Last update AUG.31.2008
List of CSS Tools | CSS | Smashing Magazine
CSS Snippets
Em Calculator
Free Vector Silhouettes, Huge collection!
OPtimizar imágenes - Yahoo!™
CSS Examples
Aplicaciones web gratuitas autoinstalables: wordpress, joomla, Typo3, phpBB, SMF,Os Commerce, etc
14 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Development | Resources
11 Useful Online Tools for Better CSS Development | Tools
Color Scheme Designer 3
Online CSS Scrollbar Color Changer
Google Font Directory
Font Squirrel | Create Your Own @font-face Kits
Pagetest web page performance test
hCard Creator
HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference


Search-based keyword tool
Listado de Herramientas SEO
The Only SEO Tools You’ll Ever Need - Nettuts+
130+ Free SEO Web Tools and Search Engine Optimization |

Sobre Fuentes - Typos

aaaaaa_4787.png (PNG Imagen, 546x894 pixels)
Complete Guide to Pre-Installed Fonts in Linux, Mac, and Windows | A Padded Cell
Lists all fonts commonly installed on three major operating systems as well as Microsoft Office, including font samples and a listing of foreign language fonts.
24 ways: Increase Your Font Stacks With Font Matrix
The advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.
Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen


Applying design to Spry widgets | Adobe Developer Connection
Spry.Data.PagedView Sample
Spry Site Map
Spry - Adobe
Case Study: Modifying the Spry Photo Gallery to work in the AIR Application Sandbox


Cross Browser Testing. Pick an OS, Pick a Browser, Test website
The W3C Markup Validation Service
The W3C CSS Validation Service
TAW. Web Accessibility Test
Browser Size
Premailer: pre-flight for HTML email


Navegación con pestañas
Using WordPress Conditional Tags
Have you ever noticed how some pages on blogs behave different than on other pages? One of the most under-utilised features of WordPress is the wide variety of
100+ Killer Wordpress Resources | Field Notes From Wired America - Steffan Antonas
100+ Killer Resources for Wordpress Hackers, Designers and Powerbloggers. Special thanks goes out to the contributors of Hackwordpress, Chris Pearson of DIY Themes, Adii (and the South African Wordpress Crew), ProBlogDesign, BloggingPro and others who are linked to liberally for their contributions to advancing the knowledge of the rest of us.
Conditional Tags « WordPress Codex
30 Most Wanted WordPress Comments Page Hacks | Wordpress | instantShift
Adding A Private Page Into The Navigation - currentusercan, 10, Code, Nevertheless - WP Engineer
If you use pages which have the state private, they will not be shown in the navigation. Nevertheless it can
La Biblia para la Optimización de WordPress | Blog BuddyPress y WPMU (WordPress MU) en Español
Compimi tu HTML en Worpdress |
31 jQuery Snippets That Will Help Make You A JavaScript Pro | | Where Web Businesses Grow
This is the home of Addy Osmani (Web Developer, Designer & Author). Here you can find some great tips and tutorials on everything to do with web development and even a few useful code samples!
25+ Extremely Useful Tricks for the WordPress Functions File

5 Groovy things you can do with htaccess | Web Developer Juice
50 Extremely Useful And Powerful CSS Tools | CSS | Smashing Magazine
A List Apart: Articles: CSS Design: Going to Print
animación sin flash
Bookmarks Diseño Web
Browser Statistics
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- intro
Data URIs | CSS-Tricks Imágenes sin src URL
Do you want to use JSON but don’t know where to start? | Your Inspiration Web
As time passes, and as 2.0 web applications become more popular, AJAX has become leader in the transfer of asynchronous data. Having said that, it has become evident that there's a need for a language which is versatile, easy to use and able to communicate with various programming languages: JSON has all of these characteristics. In this article we will discover JSON, its syntax and show you an example of how it should be used inside a web application.
How to create a joomla template? (Part one) | Your Inspiration Web
In this article we will lay the groundwork for understanding the necessary techniques for making a joomla template, the famous CMS. Have you already tried but you gave up quick? You understood nothing while browsing the folders? Do you think it's difficult? You're wrong, enough to understand the method. You don't believe me?
Janko At Warp Speed | Helps you create functional user interfaces
Oculta tu direccion de correo para evitar spam | TuFuncion
Qué son los Meta-Tags? - Foros del Web
Template Tags « WordPress Codex
The Man in Blue > Experiments > em Widths
The Man in Blue > Experiments > Resolution Dependent Layout
The Man in Blue > footerStickAlt: A more robust method of positioning a footer
TXP Magazine: Tahoma or Verdana?
Usar audio y vídeo en Firefox - MDC
Useful HTML Meta Tags - cache, no-cache, robots, refresh, content, keywords, description, expires, author, etc.
Visual jQuery 1.2.6
Miro Video Converter FREE - Convert any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, and more.

relacionado con TextPattern—Article Form Tags
Textpattern Resources: TextPattern Cheatsheet
Alphabetical Tag Listing - Textbook International
CodeSnippets: textpattern code
Secciones y categorías en Textpattern
TXP Plugins!: Copyright Notice Plugin | Plugins
What are the system requirements? · Textpattern CMS
Español · Textpattern Support Forum
Magicsoul: Construye tu propio blog
MLP - The Multi-Lingual Publishing Pack · Textpattern Support Forum
Alphabetical Tag Listing - Textbook International


YouTube - Pruebas A/B en Worpress (A/B Testing)
Bienvenido a eyeos
Web page performance optimization check results
VirusTotal - Servicio online antivirus gratuito
Virus File Scanner
electronic sets
HowStuffWorks "How Making Music with MIDI Works"
Technical Note TN2262: Preparing Your Web Content for iPad
El Club del Chiste - Jueves 11 de marzo - Antena 3 televisión
Google incluye a España en la lista de países censores de Internet · ELPAÍ
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- PHP Photo Album script v2.0
Instant Mobilizer
Microsoft Store: Download Manager Help
Thë Omën (Cierre) 15.07.95 Oscar Mulero [AUTENTICA] - Página 4 - .:Desechados:. .:Tu foro de Amistad y más:.
Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and online software -
Let me google it for you
Free PDF Unlock Online Utility (Beta)
Cómo crear un tema para Outlook Web Access: Ayuda de Exchange 2007
Optimización fixes código DSDT Snow Leopard varias placas base - OSx86 Tiger / Leopard / Snow Leopard
Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10 - InsanelyMac Forum - ¿Cómo Se Llama? T-Shirt, Hoodie, or Tote Bag
Cactus Camiseta - La Tienda On-line de Camisetas
alternativa Gafas de sol
Digital Audio  | Network WALKMAN with HDD |  NW-A1000 | Sony Europe Customer Support Portal
10 useful WordPress hacks for every blogger/designer
Herramientas De Sugerencias De Palabras Clave: Keyword Suggestion Tool Para Marketing En Buscadores - Robin Good - Ultimas Noticias
Letritas: Sensibilidad tipográfica
Domain Names - Domain Name Registration - Official .TEL Registration -
10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites | How-To | Smashing Magazine
Dust-Me Selectors :: Complementos para Firefox
Gestor de contenidos y Posicionamiento en los buscadores (CMS y SEO) ::
Editores web que facilitan tu trabajo
Traductores Técnicos Español–Inglés Traductores Jurados del Inglés, Intérpretes Español–Inglés en Madrid y Valencia
Blog Oficial del Congreso de WebMasters
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2008 | Graphics | Smashing Magazine
218 HD Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Nerds | Nerd Business Blog
TXP Magazine
Política de píxeles de HP 
HONDA 650 XR-R [topic officiel] - Les Tréteaux Topics officiels motos - FORUM Les Tréteaux - FORUM Moto
guebones: Google Videos
Setting Up Photoshop For Web, App and iPhone Development « Smashing Magazine
Fundación Tripartita para la Formación en el Empleo
Podcasts de Aún No Me He Repuesto... en la cadena Radio 3 - RNE -
Descarga gratis los podcast del programa Aún No Me He Repuesto... de la cadena Radio 3. Elige las emisiones que quieras de Aún No Me He Repuesto... en la sección de Podcasts de y escúchalos en tu reproductor de audio MP3 o en tu ordenador. Presentador/es: Isabel Díaz y Pedro Blázquez.
Change the Listening Port for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection » Raymond.CC Blog
Coge satelites más rapido - Aplicaciones para Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Exalead: Choose a new search engine.
English to Spanish
Google Traductor


eCommerce con WordPress en menos de 5 minutos | Ayuda WordPress
WP.osC » WP-osCommerce » Installation Guide
10 Powerful Shopping/Ecommerce Plugin Solutions For Wordpress - Speckyboy Design Magazine • Ver foro - General
Cart2Cart - Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service
Oscommerce to Prestashop : import products and categories

960 Gridder (dev)
Herramientas del idioma